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Horse Mortality and Major Medical Insurance
The Equestrian Group is the recognized leader in horse insurance, horse mortality, equestrian insurance and risk management specializing in horse mortality .

Horse Insurance | High Quality Insurance Tailored to your Needs
Ark Agency, Horse Insurance Specialists, We offer horse medical insurance, insurance for horses, equine insurance, horse farm insurance, cattle insurance, .

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The Horse | Health Insurance for Horses
Sometimes all that separates a horse from life-saving treatment vs. euthanasia is economics: If a horse owner doesn't have the money to provide treatment, often .

The Horse: Your Guide to Equine Health Care
Horse health news and veterinarian-approved equine health care information. Learn about illness, injuries, diseases, lameness, nutrition, and more to have .

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Horse Mortality Insurance | Equine Mortality ... - Fry's Equine Insurance
When the policy comes up for renewal, the underwriter will evaluate the health and insured value of the horse and advise us of their terms of renewal.

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Horse health care information for horses old and young no matter ...
Learn more about horse health and special feeds that have .

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TNH 1005 Routine Health Care for Horses
Routine Health Care for Horses. Fred M. Hopkins, Professor, College of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science. Doyle Meadows, Professor, Animal Science .

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Options in Basic Equine Insurance
The basic types of coverage purchased by most horse owners are mortality and major medical policies, which roughly correspond to life and health insurance for .

What It Costs to Own a Horse - Page 1
Veterinary costs usually run between $200 and $300 a year for routine care, providing the horse stays healthy. This pays for two annual vaccinations, the cost of .

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  • What is the cost for health insurance yearly for a horse?
    The yearly cost of health insurance for your horse is usually pegged at around 4 to 5 percent of your horse's value. For example, if your horse is valued at $5000, .


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Horse Insurance by LCI. We Insure Worldwide!
At LCI we offer horse insurance quotes, equine health insurance, horse farm insurance, horse and pony insurance, horse insurance for older horses, horse .

Equine Insurance - The Easy Guide to Horse Insurance
Mortality insurance is just one half of a horse insurance policy, and not every horse health insurance policy has mortality insurance in it. Mortality insurance for .

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Will Ferrell, Pygmy Horses and Health Insurance. Posted on September 25, 2009 . Bookmark and Share. Political Action's latest video is a satirical .