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Obama administration allows health coverage for same-sex spouse ...
Mar 26, 2012 . The Obama administration has directed a health insurance company to provide coverage for the same-sex spouse of a federal employee.

Federal health benefits win for gay couple is limited - The ...
Mar 27, 2012 . It was a great victory for Karen Golinski, a federal employee who now can get health insurance for her wife, but other same-sex married couples .

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Gay couples face bigger health insurance coverage bills - MSN Money
Each year as the April 15 tax deadline nears, Shane Snowden is reminded how much more she pays for health coverage for her same-sex partner than her .

Patient Money - For Gay Couples, Obstacles to Health Insurance ...
May 8, 2009 . Even in states where gay marriage is permitted, getting health insurance as a couple can be cumbersome, costly or impossible.

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Microsoft and Yahoo Equalize Health Benefits for Gay Employees ...
Oct 27, 2011 . Microsoft and Yahoo are the latest companies to join the effort to equalize the cost of health benefits for employees with same-sex partners.

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Federal Judge Rules Government Cannot Deny Health Benefits To ...
Feb 22, 2012. deny health benefits to the wife of a lesbian court employee by relying on the 1996 law that bars government recognition of same-sex unions.

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Same-Sex Spousal Health Benefits
Now that gay and lesbian couples can legally marry in. Massachusetts, it seems natural to assume that they have the same access to health insurance as other .

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New ' Additional Feature' for Health Insurance Finder: Same-Sex ...
Feb 23, 2012 . One of the major issues in LGBT health is that we are much more likely to be uninsured than others. So I'm very happy that the federal .

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  • Health insurance for same sex couples: interview with Mark Colwell ...
    Feb 10, 2012 . As gay marriage moves along a bumpy path toward broader acceptance and legalization, the impact is being felt in the world of health care and .


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Gay spouse given health benefits in U.S. court case | Reuters
Feb 22, 2012 . SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A U.S. judge on Wednesday ruled that part of the federal Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional and said a .

Changing the Game: What Health Care Reform Means for Gay ...
Mar 29, 2011 . The law expands access to health and affordable health care for millions of people in America, including gay and transgender Americans and .

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Gay Partners Gain Health-Care Coverage - ABC News
While gay marriage is a current hot-button issue for politicians, business leaders have been wrestling for years over whether to offer health coverage to their .