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Should smokers and fat people pay more for health care? Cafferty ...
Oct 31, 2011 . FROM CNN's Jack Cafferty: Smokers and fat Americans could soon be paying a lot more for their health care. Reuters reports a growing .

The surprising reason why being overweight isn't healthy -
Jan 21, 2010 . Fat discrimination keeps overweight people from getting optimum medical care; Physical exams and diagnostic tests are difficult to perform on .

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How Affordable Health Insurance Coverage Is Available For Obese ...
Sep 23, 2010 . This article is about the availability of affordable insurance to obese people. It vaguely explains medical coverage and other options.

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A Guide to Health Insurance for the Obese
Obesity Health Insurance: The number of people classified as obese in the United States has risen significantly over the last decades. Falling into the weight .

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Does health insurance cost more for overweight people and ...
Does health insurance cost more for overweight people and smokers? By Carrie M., eHealth on December 21st, 2011. Filed: Facts, Health and Wellness, Health .

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Health Insurance for Obese People | Insurance Quotes - Car, Home ...
It refers to people that weight more than 100 pounds. Because of the high risk to diseases, it is important for obese people to buy health insurance so that their .

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Overweight and obese people drive up health care costs | Business ...
Jul 9, 2009 . I was among friends the other night, listening to a doctor go off about how health care in this country costs so much because Americans are fat.

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  • Should overweight people pay more for health insurance?
    Oct 1, 2011 . If charging more for health insurance for overweight people was really worth the costs, they would already be doing it. Unlike the Florida .


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The health effects of discrimination against fat people. - Slate ...
Oct 5, 2009 . If we weren't such unrepentant body bigots, fat people might earn more money, stay in school, and receive better medical care in hospitals and .

Tough love for fat people: Tax their food to pay for healthcare ...
Jul 27, 2009 . People who are not overweight should be rewarded for being healthy with lower health insurance premiums, same with smoking and drinking.

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Should overweight people pay a "fat tax" to cover health care costs ...
A German MP proposed that overweight people should pay a "fat tax" to cover the extra costs they create for Germany's universal health care system. Is such a .