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More than a century ago, a form of “universal” health care started right here in Wyoming—among cowboys and cattlemen on the open range in the middle 1880s .

Mama, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboy Doctors ...
Sep 16, 2011 . In a surprising introduction, David Lawrence, former CEO of Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Hospitals, decided to focus on cowboys.

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Former Cowboy Flies Free Health Care To Needy - Health News ...
4 days ago . OAKLAND, California (CNN) -- Several decades ago, Stan Brock nearly died when a horse kicked him in the head. ... Friday, April 6, 2012.

Independent Lens . THE LAST COWBOY . Cowboys in America | PBS
Despite decades of socioeconomic change, cowboys still don't have health insurance—and they don't retire. Times might be changing, but as a symbol of .

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News Desk: Cowboys and Pit Crews : The New Yorker
May 26, 2011 . The core structure of medicine—how health care is organized and practiced— emerged in an . We train, hire, and pay doctors to be cowboys.

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2012 Cowboy Golf Camp
responsible for all aspects of the strength and Conditioning program as well as athletic health care of Cowboy Golfers ... has worked with former Cowboys David .

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Conceptualizing Sports Medicine as Occupational Health Care ...
occupational health care delivered to rodeo cowboys and local professional wrestlers. This care is primitive because these athletes have relatively low economic .

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Jon Kitna will play if healthy, but Cowboys sign insurance QB to be ...
Dec 28, 2010 . IRVING – When Tony Romo suffered a fractured left clavicle Oct. 25, Jon Kitna was charged with directing the Cowboys' offense for the .

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    ages of what responsibility means—communal barn- raising versus individualis- tic cowboy gunslinging— lie behind the current competing health care re- .


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Aliens and Cowboys
Aug 16, 2011 . Tweet Tweet Aliens and Cowboys We make up movies showing aliens as . Health on Hold: Lawmakers put the brakes on health insurance .

JUNE 2012
Alarm clock (optional, but recommended). INSURANCE. The Mike Gundy Cowboy Football Camp has arranged for a secondary medical insurance policy that .

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(03:39) Tags: debates, Rick Perry, impressions, Republicans, Tea Party, Ron Paul, death, health, insurance, cowboys, fights, animals, comics, Afghanistan, .