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Health Insurance for Contract Workers... (employment, payments ...
Oct 14, 2009 . Some of you people work in professions with mainly contract work - so how do you get health insurance? Do you go through your employer or .

Independent Contractor or Employee
Independent Contractor or Employee - By US law, you are either an . vacation, health insurance and stock options, as they do to attract and retain employees.

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Short Term Health Insurance for Freelancers, Contract Workers and ...
Short term health insurance is an affordable and customizable insurance option for Freelancers, Contract Workers and Part-time Employees.

Jobs: Why It's Good to Be a Contract Employee - ABC News
May 27, 2010 . As more companies embrace contract employment, some autonomous . despite the promise of 401(k) matching and a group health care plan.

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Build Your Own Benefits Package - Contract Employee's Handbook
Sep 17, 1997 . As attractive as this option appears, it is probably not advisable that contract employees obtain health insurance through their employment .

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Written Employment Contracts: Pros and Cons |
A written employment contract is a document that you and your employee sign . Similarly, if the contract promises the employee health benefits, you can't later .

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JobStar--Ask Electra--Contract Employee
May 22, 2009 . The Contract Employee's Handbook website is packed with information . health and dental insurance, and employer paid retirement benefits.

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As States Shift to Contract Workers, Savings Are Not Clear-Cut ...
Nov 6, 2011 . A Michigan plan to replace state employees at a veterans' facility with contract workers highlights the difficulty of outsourcing in the face of .

  • married;
  • living with you;
  • in school;
  • financially dependent on you;
  • Need a job? Contract work could be new normal -
    May 6, 2010 . The difference is that now he is a contract employee. . worker, including paid vacations or sick days, health insurance or tuition assistance.


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Sample Employment Contract
Online Employment Contract Form $12.99 (free trial)??click here . Employer plan for health insurance provides that any employee must work 40 hours per for .

1099 Contract labor and Group health insurance in California
Many people these days, work as 1099 or Contract workers and that has an impact on their health insurance options. In order to qualify for coverage through an .

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health insurance - contract / part-time workers? | San Francisco ...
Nov 14, 2007 . For those of you not employed full-time, what do you do for health insurance? What's your monthly premium and what do you get for it? Do any .